About the Hewie the Haggis Series

My books are aimed at children from birth to approximately 7 or 8 years old. It is never too early to start reading to a child. Some children mature faster than others with their reading abilities and interests as so may move on from my Hewie books faster than others. My greatest wish would be that Hewie sparks a love of learning in children as it has in my daughters and grandchildren.

Hewie may be a little bit mischievous but generally is a lovely little Haggis who likes to spend time with family and friends. He often is called upon to help others when they have a mystery or a problem.

I encourage children to get involved in the storylines as this seems the best way to feed their imagination. A child with an imagination is rarely bored.

I also encourage children to always ask their “Big Person” if they can join in the adventures, in a bid to make this second nature for them and a practice they use throughout childhood in “real life”.