I live in a town called Haggisville, it is the same as the towns/villages you live in, but it is underneath the Ochil Hills in Haggisland.


There are shops, parks, rivers, hospitals, schools as well as homes and a hotel in the town.

We have a monument to Sir Ochil Haggis he founded our town a long long time ago.

At the very back of the town there is a big wall with lots and lots of entrances to tunnels. This is where we start any journey.

Haggisville isn't dark as you might have thought, we have great big long tubes which come down from the top of the hill and bring sunlight into the village so we have day and night just like you (bet you have never noticed these tubes).

We also have electricity, the water running down the hills makes it for us, hmmmm, somehow (I haven't learned about that yet). We also have running water in our homes, it comes from the river that runs through Haggisville, we sometimes go and watch the fish jumping out of the water.