All about Hewie

Hewie the Haggis

I am Hewie, a 6 year old Haggis who loves visiting family and friends as well as going on adventures. These adventures are what my books are about. I love it when you can come along with me and meet my family and friends, make new friends and solve mysteries and problems, BUT I will always ask you to ask your “Big Person” if you can come along. A “Big Person” is the adult who is looking after you. You must always check if its okay to go somewhere before you go.

I live with his mummy, daddy, baby sister Holly and Granny McHaggis.
Our family live in a town called Haggisville, underneath the Ochil Hills in Haggisland.

My favourite thing to eat is Potato and Ant Soup.
I really like to drink Rhubarb Squash and Pine Needle Tea.
My favourite sweet is Sugar Coated Worms.

I go to the Haggisville School where I am in Class 2.
My favourite lesson is reading.
My teacher is Miss Vicky Hagscot.

I like to play with car toys and spaceships.
I like to play along with Holly sometimes.
When our family visit, all the children like to play “Tig” and “Hide and Seek” in the tunnels.
I love playing in the snow and swimming in the lochs (only when there are adults there and they say it is safe).

My best friends are Robbie, Aurora, Rose and Drew they often visit each other.

I go to the Helping Haggis Club, where young Haggis' can learn how to do helpful and fun things such as how to make dens in woods, how to camp, how to carry mummy's shopping and how to use their noses to spray paint on walls to help daddies decorate their homes (they are also awesome for water fights).