About Haggis'

Hewie The Haggis

1) Light Brown Fur.
2) Purple Tail that helps them hide in the Hillside Heather.
3) Long Pink nose used to put food in their mouth, gives them amazing sense of smell as well as to move and carry things.
4) Have four legs, two long ones on one side and two short ones on the other side. This makes walking AROUND the hills and mountains very easy.

Haggis eat insects, fruit and vegetables, they especially love soups.

Their four legs mean they can tunnel VERY fast.

Haggis use tunnels to move around the world which means they get everywhere much faster as they dig straight tunnels which go under mountains and water.

They are very good swimmers.

Daddy Haggis

Haggis boys usually wear a tartan kilt and hat.

Mummy Haggis

Haggis Girls usually wear dresses.


Haggis Babies have lots of purple on their fur as they don't grow legs until they are 1 year old so they roll everywhere for the 1st year. As well as making it easier for them to hide it also means they can get lost VERY easily among the heathers on the hills.