Author Notes

As a dedicated Mum and Granny I have always been surrounded by children. Bedtime stories have generally been made up for our Daughters and Grandchildren by myself. I have always included a hint of history and mythology in the stories as I have found that this encourages children to be more inquisitive and often starts a hunger for learning.

I have been encouraged by my grandchildren's enthusiasm for my stories to put pen and pencil to paper and draw as well as write my first children's book “Hewie the Haggis visits the Nessies”. Hewie is a mischievous little Haggis who lives under the Ochil Hills in Clackmannanshire, who loves visiting family and friends and having adventures.

Hewie The Haggis visits The Nessies

I have illustrated my books myself to encourage children to express themselves however they wish to, by proving its alright to do something just because you enjoy it, you don't have to have amazing skills or ability.

I hope you and your young readers enjoy my books.